Sometimes we get to busy with the work of mothering that we forget to enjoy our children. These are some awesome tips to really focus on enjoying your kids again! - Aimed at the HeartBaby yawns are adorable. I remember spending hours watching them sleep. And hiccup. And sneeze. Even pooping was entertaining!

Now they are older and those once-nibblicious toes have toenails that need to be trimmed, attached to dirty, stinky feet that have been run hard all day. Reminders to wash his hands after he “drops a bomb” in the bathroom (my husband’s words) are met with a smell I never thought I would associate with that adorable tushie. And those mid-day nap times of blissful baby-gazing have been replaced by preparing healthy snacks that cover as many food groups as possible yet are simple, and fun, enough that they aren’t rejected.

Mothering is an amazing gift, yet it is so easy to get lost in the day-to-day details. It is so easy to forget how to enjoy your children. Our children are a heritage from the Lord but they can sometimes (often?) feel like a burden. I’ve mentioned before about how the basics of motherhood is to develop a positive attitude and to call on the Lord for the strength to continue forward. But how do you get back to a place where you can truly say you enjoy your role as a mother?

It isn’t always easy to enjoy every moment. And I’m not saying you need to (does anyone actually enjoy wiping snotty noses?). It is, however, possible to enjoy them more.

1. Get into their world

Find out what they enjoy and join them in it. Does your child enjoy painting? Paint with him instead of setting him up to do it on his own. What about stories? Make it a goal to read at least one story of their choice out loud every day (and don’t complain if it’s always the same one). What about physical activity? Go for a walk together or kick a ball around.

2. Allow them into your world and hobbies

Bring them into the kitchen when you are baking or cooking dinner, even if it does take longer and make more of a mess. Let them wash dishes, sweep floors, vacuum, or fold laundry. Ask for their ideas when you are writing. Teach them to scrapbook or crochet or play piano or take photographs.

3. Observe

Sometimes all it takes is a pig puppet and a handful of craft sticks to get kids giggling. Or a couple of sleeping bags to scootch around the floor in while pretending to be snakes. Give yourself permission to laugh with them. Enjoy their antics and imaginations. Their silly jokes and games. Kids laugh so much easier than adults. Harness their joy and appreciate them in a whole new way.

4. Pray over them as they sleep

Soak in their innocence and fall in love all over again.

Our children deserve the best of us but we also have the privilege of enjoying the best of them. This week I’m going to bring my kids more into my world. They love to help in the kitchen so I’m committing to allowing them to help with dinner preparations.

Which of these ideas are you going to pursue over this next week?

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