Motherhood is Hard, But It Isn’t Hard Forever

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I went to the post office today without my older two. My 3.5 year old changed his mind last minute and came with me but I have, in the past, gone without him too. Then I came home and put the baby in his seat and he watched his brothers play Lego while I folded a bit of laundry.


Due to children, health problems, pregnancies, newborns, business,  you name it, I don’t often get to do what I want when I want. This morning was like a breath of fresh air.

And then I see moms in the thick of it with young ones, pregnancies, health issues… I feel your struggle. Technically I’m still there, with a needy 5 month old and a bad back. And, as low maintenance as older kids can be, I am still overseeing and nurturing 4 children.

How can I still (mostly) feel at peace? Because I know it won’t last.

Some days are so frustrating. Actually, most days are still spent either nursing or bouncing or holding a sleepy baby while doling out motherly wisdom from the couch. Dirty floor, dishes everywhere, and piles of laundry is just where I’m at right now.

How can I still (mostly) feel at peace?

Because I know it won’t last. Pregnancy wasn’t easy for me (except the first time) but I have never been pregnant forever, so it was hard but it had a very clear ending. Depression sucks but I’ve made it to the other side before. My back healing journey had a major setback but it is already improving. I didn’t know if my skin issues would ever heal but, by the grace of God, my skin is mostly clear now.

The baby will not be a baby forever. He will eventually learn that mornings don’t start at 5:30am in this family. He will learn to fall asleep without 10 min of bouncing followed by 10 minutes of rocking. Soon he will learn to crawl and won’t need to be in my arms all day.


Soon it will get easier. Hard right now is not hard forever. Whether it gets easier due to children moving through ages and stages, or miracles of healing, or maybe because you find a way to give yourself enough grace to just keep putting one foot in front of the other, this too shall pass.


We are not designed to stay stuck. We are designed to grow, heal, and survive. So, until you are done with this hard stage in your life, just keep plodding along. You’ve made it so far and you’ll make it out of the tunnel eventually.

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