The Most Important Christian Discipline

Welcome to this week’s Word on Wednesday post. Join me for a reflection on a piece of scripture and how it can be applied to our daily lives. There are so many wonderful disciplines that Christians can benefit from but … read more


(Mostly) Free and Simple Ways to Show Love All Year Round

If you haven’t heard of The 5 Love Languages, I highly recommend getting the book and reading it. Understanding that different people communicate love in different ways can be a real revelation. It can often feel like your efforts are … read more


Why I Don’t Keep a Clean House (And Neither Should You)

I may scare a few people off my confessing this but I’ll confess anyway: I don’t keep a clean house. It isn’t a goal I’m heading toward. In fact, having a perfectly clean house is not even on my radar. … read more


How to Get Snatches of Solitude as a Mom

I’m an introvert. I crave quiet and solitude. Just over a year ago, I discovered that introversion is okay and I really started to embrace the introversion instead of attempting to be extroverted. In retrospect, it was silly to think … read more


Life Plan 2014: January Summary

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate link which means if you purchase something by clicking on the link, I get a small referral commission, at no cost to you. Back in December I let you know about a Goals Blogging link … read more