The Most Important Christian Discipline

Welcome to this week’s Word on Wednesday post. Join me for a reflection on a piece of scripture and how it can be applied to our daily lives. There are so many wonderful disciplines that Christians can benefit from but … read more


(Mostly) Free and Simple Ways to Show Love All Year Round

If you haven’t heard of The 5 Love Languages, I highly recommend getting the book and reading it. Understanding that different people communicate love in different ways can be a real revelation. It can often feel like your efforts are … read more


Introducing the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2014

One of my favorite times of year is back. It’s BUNDLE TIME! I have bought several ebook bundles in the past and absolutely LOVE the savings they bring. This time around, I have the privilege to be an affiliate marketer … read more


Does Unschooling Actually Work? Lessons from Top Gear

It’s a question unschoolers are asked regularly: does unschooling actually work? For our family, unschooling has worked in allowing our boys to learn at their own pace, how and when they decided they are ready. Time and time again my … read more


Life Plan 2014: January Summary

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate link which means if you purchase something by clicking on the link, I get a small referral commission, at no cost to you. Back in December I let you know about a Goals Blogging link … read more