Welcome to this week’s Word on Wednesday post. Join me for a reflection on a piece of scripture and how it can be applied to our daily lives.
The Most Important Christian Discipline- Aimed at the Heart

There are so many wonderful disciplines that Christians can benefit from but the most important Christian discipline is to “read your Bible, pray every day and you’ll grow, grow, grow.” Do you remember that kid’s song? It constantly runs through my head when I start to wonder how people develop such a strong walk with God. It’s such a simple instruction and, yet, so many of us don’t do it. In fact, studies show that more than 80% of Christians don’t read their Bible daily. I wonder, if the same people were polled, how many would admit to reading the newspaper or their Facebook or Twitter feed daily?

If you want to read your Bible in a year, it would take less time than watching your favorite show every day or staying caught up on your social media or current news events. It really comes down to choosing your priorities. A simple 15 minutes every day in the Word can revolutionize your faith life. It’s not the same as an in depth study but it’s a great start. Even a baby step forward is better than no steps forward at all.

Up until a couple years ago, nearly the only time my Bible was ever opened was at church. I tried to read it more often but it was never really high on my priority list. According to this verse, God could have given me over to a depraved mind. I’m glad that, instead, He safeguarded my heart and mind! It’s taken me about two years to get into a really good habit of staying caught up on my Bible reading plan. Now it’s time for me to look into doing a more in depth study of the Word. And to set up my children so their minds are safeguarded through scripture intake as well.

If you’re ready to make God’s word more of a priority, here are a couple of great sites that can guide you:

Good Morning Girls: Good Morning Girls exists to inspire, encourage and equip women all over the world to get into God’s Word through our online community. GMG has multiple online Bible studies, resources and videos created with YOU in mind and all for FREE!

Rachel Wojnarowski: To inspire you to live out extraordinary faith in Christ by providing everyday real-life solutions. To encourage Bible reading and prayer in personal relationship with God and to recommend tools and technology that will grow your faith, as well as the faith of your children.

YouVersion Bible App: YouVersion is a simple, ad-free Bible that brings God’s Word into your daily life. Read the Bible, study the Bible, subscribe to Bible plans, and take the Bible with you.

For those of you who consistently get into the word, what are your favorite resources or methods when it comes to Bible reading?
If you’re still working on making this a habit, what is one thing you can do to take a step forward in this journey?

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