The Culmination of all of Solomon's Wisdom - by Aimed at the HeartWelcome to this week’s Word on Wednesday post. Join me for a brief reflection on a piece of scripture and how we can apply it to our daily lives.

I read a lot. The Bible, blogs, articles online and in hard copy, books, text books, and nearly anything I can get my hands on. Mostly non-fiction at this point in my life. I always have enjoyed reading. I love how it relaxes me and works out my brain muscles all at the same time. I love learning new things through my reading and feel like I’ll never be able to read enough to fill up my mind.

It seems that King Solomon had this thirst for information as well, in spite of the wisdom he was granted from God. Apparently it is a natural human tendency. We want answers. Well, this verse holds the answer. You can seek all the knowledge and information in the world but there is really only one final result of this quest: the number one thing we can learn to do is to fear God and keep His commandments. That is the purpose of life. Such a simple conclusion, and yet, such a complex command. So we need to read God’s word to find His commands so that we can fulfill our duty.

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