A parent's responsibility is more simple that we make it out to be. Let's talk about what we're supposed to be teaching our children - Aimed at the Heart

When I tell people I’m homeschooling my kids (I often don’t bother telling them we’re unschooling because that requires even more explanation!) they often ask, “So have you started teaching him yet?” or “What are you supposed to be teaching him this year?”

I’m going to start responding with telling them that the primary responsibility of myself as their educator is to teach them about the Lord and His word and will for our lives. Is there anything else more important? Sure, we could send them to school and still teach them that but wouldn’t they catch on much better by seeing it witnessed in our day-to-day life and business proceedings? Scripture doesn’t tell us to teach our kids their multiplication tables. It demands us to teach our children all about Him.

So step 1 for any parent, homeschooler or not, is to fill your children’s hearts with God.

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