Word on Wednesday: Wisdom of the Young - by Aimed at the Heart

Welcome to my Word on Wednesday post!

This is a verse that I have been reflecting on. I used to be the “young” one that this verse talked about. I still am young, comparatively speaking, but having children has allowed me to see this in a different light. I am the mom; the authority figure; the one who should have all the answers. But I don’t. And I’m not afraid to admit that to my kids. In fact, I’m fully aware that sometimes their ideas are better than mine. They see things differently than I do and it gives them an interesting perspective.

I also remind my boys that people are watching them and their example. My oldest is really starting to understand that he is setting and example for those around him (especially his younger brother). He and I have had a number of conversations about how it’s important to always allow God’s love to shine through us. We have an agreement: we are allowed to call each other out when we are not being gentle or showing love by our words or actions. I’m setting an example too, both in our family as well as in the way we conduct business. It’s helpful to have an accountability partner, especially since his eyes are so innocent and he knows better than to accept my excuses.

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