My family is not a democracy - Aimed at the HeartWe do not run our family as a democracy. We respect each other and listen to everyone’s thoughts and opinions, but the final decision is not based on majority.

Sometimes the majority is wrong.

This is why I married a man who is after God’s heart and listens to His voice. I can’t say that I’ve always agreed with his judgment on certain things (and you can be certain that I let him know when I don’t) but I have always agreed that he is the head of our household. He has different insights than I do and, most importantly, it is His God given role. Does this mean he “rules” over us with an iron fist? Absolutely not. There are areas where I take the lead and there are areas where he does. We discuss things to come to conclusions that work for all. We make use of each other’s strengths and even give our children the chance to speak up and voice their thoughts on certain things.

A family is a unit. It works best when it works together. But, at the end of the day, everyone still knows that my husband is the leader. And I trust that God has provided our family with a leader worth following. After all, with my husband keeping his eye on the Lord, he is headed in the right direction.

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