Working for the Lord - Aimed at the HeartFor this week’s look into the Word on Wednesday, I chose a verse about working. When your husband only gets a handful of days off each year, you have to learn to appreciate the value of hard work an find blessings within it. The fact that I, as a mother, haven’t had a single day off in over 5 years means that I go through phases of frustration between the phases of appreciation.

This verse is a great reminder to me when I’m watching my husband go to the barn and knowing that, as much as he works to support his family, his work is done to glorify God. It is a verse that  God whispers into my ear when I’m grouchy about the fact that I need to wash dishes. Again. It helps me gain perspective when my toddler comes in the house after playing outside and is covered, head to toe, in mud. He (usually) has a great big smile on his face and tells me of some great adventure that he has been on. And I remind myself to be patient and appreciate that this little monkey, and all the extra laundry he creates, are part of my work for the Lord.

At this point, I don’t volunteer in church, I don’t do ministry projects and I’m not ever planning to be a missionary overseas (though if that was God’s plan for me, I would go). My mission field is my home and my family. Caring for them, mothering them, feeding them, cleaning up after (and with) them, teaching them. I do because I love them, but it is the Lord who is looking over my shoulder making sure that I’m doing His work to the best of my ability.

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