In my “blogging through the alphabet series,” I didn’t get my “H” post up last week. I have about two thirds of it written but never got it finished. I’ve been busy. Busy doing nothing. Or, to be more precise, busy doing the most important thing in the world: mothering.

He is about 3 weeks old and has been excellent at keeping me completely and utterly distracted, in the best possible way. I’m completely infatuated with my newborn. A friend told me when I had my second that it’s a good thing I tore during the delivery because it forced me to spend a lot of time just sitting and allowing my body to recover. I understand the importance of that “laying in period” now, more than ever. The delivery was amazing and, except for fatigue and some lingering hip pain from the pregnancy, I felt good as new right after I had him. My husband regularly reminds me that I’ve just had a baby and should be acting accordingly.

How does a new mama need to act?

Sit on the couch and adore your baby. Memorize his hairline, the shape of his eyes, the way he forms his mouth into the sweetest little straight-mouthed smirk when he smiles. Let the laundry sit, unfolded, in baskets and let your other kids run around in pyjamas all day. Eat grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch every day and accept any and all meals that your mom is willing to make for you. Take a break from outside the home commitments and don’t allow guilt to set in for being out of touch with the world and community you are typically involved in. Go to bed early every night and sleep in as long as your baby and other children will let you.

I’ve been truly enjoying the newest addition to my family and my heart could burst with how blessed I feel with the gift of a third son. My other boys practically cheered when they woke up to find that our long-awaited baby was, in fact, another brother. My husband can’t believe that he gets to be the first in his family for like two generations to have more than two sons.

So “hi” to my readers and my online blogging friends and my real life friends. I’m still around and I’m doing well, but I’ve been busy. I planned to upload a picture of my adorable little mister but my software is currently holding my photos ransom. You can see a photo on my Facebook page from when he was first born. He’s pretty cute, it’s worth checking him out. I’m not sure how “on the ball” I’m going to be the next while with my blog so I’m asking for your patience as I figure out this new life rhythm. Meanwhile, you can subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a single post.

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