The best blog posts I read throughout September 2013 - by Aimed at the Heart

It’s the last Friday of the month and I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favorite reads this month. These are some of the best blog posts of September that I have been reading. If you like them and want to see more of what I’m reading through the month, be sure to check out my Facebook Page and Pinterest Boards.

Organizing Files on Your Computer: By Leah at Fabulously Organized Home

I have a ton of files on my computer. Photos, podcasts, ebooks, homeschool printables, volunteer forms, and more. It have is semi-organized but have been trying to figure out something better. I needed a way to go through all my files to figure out what I have and where I should put it all. This post has some great step-by-step instructions on how to organize your computer files. I have a lot of work to do but Leah gave me a starting place and the motivation to get started.

Developing a Vision for Your Familyby Sheila at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this post. “I want to invite you to dream: to dream about what you want for your family, and what you want for your marriage, and what you want for your home.” Who doesn’t want to dream? And then to include your husband in those dreams is pure bliss. Plus, Sheila has free printable worksheets for your and your husband to pray though and develop an action plan.

Aim for Love, Not Perfection: by Sue at Stories of and Unschooling Family

What excited me about Sue’s blog is that she’s a “been there, done that” unschooling mom. She has unschooled her children into adulthood and, as a perused her blog, I became even more confident in the decisions we have made in regard to our own children’s education. It is great to see the perspective of someone who is further along in this journey who is willing to give us the opportunity to learn from her own adventures. This post is one where she talks about how her ultimate goal is that her children know they are loved by her and by God, and that they have a love of learning.

 Clutter Free Forever: Vintage tips for an organized home: by Ruth at Living Well, Spending Less

Decluttering. Downsizing. Simplifying. I have spend the last couple years of my life doing just that. I purged a lot of stuff a few years ago before my littlest Biscuit was born (we needed the room) and then we downsized out home about a year ago and I had to purge even more. Let me tell you a little secret: once you get over the initial hurdle of beginning this process, it feels great! I live in one of the older homes that Ruth talks about and it has been a mixed blessing. Some days I dream of having a more modern home (or maybe just one with all it’s baseboards in tact!) and possibly even larger, but most days I remind myself that a smaller home is a good thing. It’s easier to keep clean and it forced my family to draw close to each other. There is no room to withdraw and hide. Less stuff + less space = More love to go around.

 Creamy Rice Pudding: on All Recipes

We eat rice frequently and, for unknown reasons, have been having a lot of leftovers lately. What better way to use leftover dinner than to make desert from it? This recipe has been a huge hit with me and my boys. I like it with a handful of raisins and C likes it best with approximately a cup of cinnamon. The Biscuit will usually eat whatever is set in front of him but he has a strange habit of pouring his milk into his pudding. Hot or cold, this is one yummy dish!

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